Let’s get your project, organization, program or agency funded!

Raising funds is your investment in the future. Picture your funding quest like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Funding can come from many sources, and government grants or foundation grants may well supply many of those puzzle pieces. Connect those pieces with corporate sponsors, community outreach and fundraising events. Collaborate with other non-profits and community resources. Build your framework with a solid agency design supported with a mission, a plan, a budget and a board.

By design, a professional grant writer uses all of the pieces of your support framework to follow a step-by-step approach to research funding opportunities, help to form collaborative efforts to strengthen your requests, write letters of intent, develop proposals, and assist your non-profit in building lasting relationships—relationships with those funders who financially support your specific projects and clients.

A Certified Grants Writer Since 2005, Venetia Weeks has spent the past 22 years working with NJ not-for-profit agencies, developing those funding relationships to successfully support programs that include educational programs, emerging health care needs in children, senior citizen programs, faith-based programs, arts and cultural events, crisis intervention, and families in need services. While most people often describe the idea of grants writing as “scary” or “hard”, Venetia will describe it to you as “exciting, challenging, extremely rewarding…even fun”.

Her favorite part of the day is to receive yet another letter that begins “Dear Ms. Weeks…We are happy to inform you that your request for funding for your organization has been approved!” Her business is to share that excitement with you.

Partial list of funded grant proposals and corporate funders:

  • NJ Cultural and Heritage Foundation
  • United Way (Essex & Union Counties)
  • The Prudential Foundation
  • NJ After 3
  • AAFNJ (African American Foundation of NJ)
  • The Turrell Fund
  • TD Bank Foundation
  • Jose’ Rodriguez Foundation
  • Kearny Federal S&L Foundation
  • Hunterdon Medical Center
  • United Trust
  • Unity Bank Foundation